Merrimount Corner
Mega - Year Round Farmer's Market - 2008

We are looking for interested individuals, groups and associations interested in
creating a year round farmers market in N.H.  We need to look at the long term
benefits and raise greater awareness of the value of locally grown produce and

This could be similar in concept, style and magnitude to Quincy Market in Boston;
an outlet exclusively for N.H. grown produce & N.H. made products, including
jellies, pickles, crafts and more.  There could be kiosks for rent as well as store
fronts and areas for farm wagons to market goods.

Proposed Ideas:

Centrally located in N.H. with high visibility near Route 93
Reconstruct an old barn in the center of the new structure with adjacent windmill
to generate power and attract attention of travelers passing by on highway.
Tie into & promote existing local and satellite farmer markets & community food
co-ops state-wide
Provide for office space overhead exclusively to any farm related associations and
groups to foster greater networking of resources (ex. NH Farm Bureau, Made in
N.H. Products, N.H. Cooperative Extension)
Model after Quincy Market in Boston-Kiosk carts for vendors and local businesses
Parking area for farm wagons
Consolidate marketing and create a loyal customer base on a year-round basis
Farm exhibits and promotion of NH farms
Encourage winter growing of vegetables using organic farming methods and
green houses heated with environmentally-friendly methods.
Space for educational programs for public and farmers to promote profitable
healthier, and more environmentally friendly ways of farming.  

An article from the "NOFA Notes" quarterly newsletter can be viewed
According to the Sunday Monitor, March 2, 2008, farming is a "Disappearing
Way of Life."  It is imperative, if we all believe in N.H. & preservation /
conservation and want to live a healthier, higher quality life, that we must
ensure that farming is economically viable and sustainable.